Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Guilford County Sheriff's Office

Coyotes In Guilford County

“Guilford Sheriff 911,” a thirty-minute community affairs program that examines everything positive in Guilford County, airs Saturday June 16, on Cable Access Channel 8 at 7:30 PM.  Host and Sheriff BJ Barnes welcomes Todd Menke, Assistant State Director North Carolina, USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services.  Mr. Menke, also a Certified Wildlife Biologist, says that since the first North Carolina coyote sighting in the late 1930’s the population has been growing steadily.  The reclusive coyote is indeed living here in Guilford County, but is this anything to fear?

  • The first Guilford County sighting was around 1997.
  • Extremely adaptable, they have the ability to live even in urban areas.
  • This carnivore weighs from twenty to forty-five pounds.
  • They have been known to take pets and livestock, but not their preference.
  • Mostly active at night, they are rarely seen by humans.
  • Leaving pet food outside attracts them, puts your pet in danger.
  • Since they are not a game animal, there are no laws protecting coyotes.
  • They can be hunted year-round, with a license, and trapped in season.
  • If you hear the “western howl” dusk to dawn, you know they are near.
  • Generally, they run from humans and are not aggressive.
  • Never, ever feed them.  Often there are unintended consequences.

Next on this episode, we present the Monday June 11 grand opening and ribbon-cutting for the new jail in downtown Greensboro.  Eighteen years of effort and almost three years of construction have finally seen the largest building project ever undertaken by Guilford County completed.  This week we feature celebratory remarks from Chair of Commissioners Melvin “Skip” Alston, Commissioner Paul Gibson, and Sheriff Barnes.  In next week’s show, we’ll take viewers on an extended tour of the inside of the facility to see its unique features. 

VIDEO COMING SOON - Coyotes In Guilford County
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